VI A64E5

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Capacity (25°C) 20 hour rate 4.5Ah
10 hour rate 3.8Ah
5 hour rate 3.4Ah
1 hour rate 2.4Ah
Internal Resistance Fullcharged Battery 25°C 17mΩ
Capacity affected by temperature           (20 hour rate) 40°C 102%
25°C 100%
0°C 85%
­15°C 65%
Self-Dicharge (25°C) Capacity after 3 months storage  90%
Capacity after 6 months storage  80%
Capacity after 9 months storage  60%
Charge (constant Voltage) Cycle Initial Charging Current less than 4I₂₀ Voltage 7.25 ≈ 7.45V/6V(25° C)
Float Voltage 6.8 ≈ 6.9V/6V(25°C)
* The above date are values,& can be obtained within 3 charge/dischargecycles.These are not minimum values

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