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Product Code: HID BALLAST 80-250W
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Product Features
Suitable to any 250W High pressure Sodium Lamps whose  voltage is between 100V to 265V
High Power Factor, Stable Power Control, Has a built-in adaptive control system
High Efficiency, 30% energy saving achieved, Extends lamp life
Automatic Modulating, full-functional protection
Modulating frequency, No acoustic resonance
Intensity control
Increase lamp life by three times
Can provide 4 step switch mode dimming
Provides Short Circuit, Open Circuit & Thermal Protection
Timer Function
Provides Protection of ignition failure & end of lamp life

Warranty :

The ballast comes from the factory with an unconditional 3 years product manufacturer warranty


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Ambient temperature -40º to +65ºC
Current crest factor 1.7
Efficiency 95%
Input frequency 50-60Hz
Output Frequency 40KHz
THD 10%
Temperature Coefficient 90ºC
input current 1.0A
input voltage 100VAC-240VAC

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