Brighto 27

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Product Feature

1. Battery full charge indicator : Green
2. LED: Superbright 40 white LED's
3. Adjustable Required Intensity
4. Scratch proof epoxy paint
5. Automatically starts when the power fails  
6. Long lasting
7. Emergency & Automatic light-up
8. Overcharge & Overdischarge Protection
9. Cabinet made from Mild Steel (Fire Proof &
Rust Proof)
Warranty : The lamp comes from the factory
with an unconditional 2 year product warranty.
 CFL & SMPS (Charging section) is not covered




Do you like our
Aura Solar Product?


AC Input Power Rating 11W
AC Input Voltage 120/277VAC, 50Hz
CFL 7W 4Pin Tube/6500K White Color
Charging Indicator Light LED
Illumination Time LED Full Bright : Upto 600Min. LED Half Bright : Upto 900Min. CFL : Upto 300Min.
Lead Acid Battery 6V/4.5Ah
Recharge Time 6Hrs
Temperature Rating (Ambient) +5° to +50°C
built in Microcontroller

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