Solite 41R

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Product Features
1. Can charge on Solar Panel within bright sunny day
2. Can Charge on Electric Adapter
3. Low Power High Bright SMD LED 16 nos
4. Built in World-wide FM Radio
5. Built-in intelligent controller
6. Three intensity modes High-Medium-Low
7. Overcharge & overdischarge Protection
8. Cabinet made from ABS plastic
9. Compact & Light weight
10. 360º Light output
11. User- Friendly operations
12. Robust and Stylish Design
13. Efficiency : 85%

Warranty : The lantern comes from the factory
with an unconditional 2 years product manufacturer warranty
& solar panel with 5years warranty
Adapter is not covered.





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AC Input Power Rating 3W
Adapter Input Voltage 120/277VAC, 50Hz
Adapter output DC 5.5V/500mA
Autonomous Time Upto 5 hours
Charging Time 8 to 10 Hrs
Daily Illuminance Time 3 Hrs
Illuminance At 1ft : 2ft : 3ft :
Illumination Time On full bright : 4 to 5 Hrs On medium bright : 5 to 6 Hrs On low bright : 7 to 8 Hrs
NimH Battery 3.6V/1800mA
Polycrystalline Solar Module Wattage : 2.2W Ocv : 5.5V Isc : 400mA
Temperature Rating (Ambient) +5° to +50° C
Total LED Power(Wattage) 1.1W

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